International Podium

There's great demand for Indian products around the world and frankly the opportunity is fantastic. We at Kreate Konnect understand this and don’t want our business partners to miss it. Thus we offer our ‘International Selling’ program to sellers who want to showcase their products to an international audience.

Using our concept of ‘E-Glocalization’ we help manufacturers and sellers to understand local demand, tastes, and preferences of target markets while also helping sellers improve the discoverability of their products. Not only does selling ‘Internationally’ provide a much a larger customer base, higher margins and better volumes but it also is a great opportunity to learn about e-commerce especially because of the evolved and mature nature of the markets.

The concept of ‘E-Glocalization’ has been successfully implemented at our marketplace VintFlea. At VintFlea we boast of one of the largest curated collections of DIY, Vintage, Vintage Inspired and Up-Cycled products spanning across Craft Supplies, Clothing, Home decor, Shoes, Bags & Accessories at all times keeping our focus on unique, high quality craftsmanship; breathtakingly beautiful local designs intact

At ‘VintFlea’ we envision creating one of the largest networks of virtual shops spanning across various glocal marketplaces and provide the best products at the most competitive prices under our kitty of in-house brands namely Trove, Revamp, The shoe Trunk, Trinkets and The Hue cottage.

We have been able to carve a niche for ourselves across the global market providing an exposure to the domestic products from different regions of the country.

At Kreate Konnect we understand that retail is changing and in today’s glocalized world retail exports from India would be the next big intensifying force. We aim to be leading the charge of this force and intend to help businesses navigate through the complexities of selling globally and develop an international footprint by leveraging the enormous demand for their products across borders

Some of our initiatives under our ‘International Selling’ program include:

  • Finding and negotiating with the logistics partners.
  • Warehousing
  • Managing taxation and compliance issues.
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