What We Do

We aim and strive to reduce the complexity of the problem by relying heavily on data sciences and patterns. Basis our research we suggest our clients concrete steps that have the supporting data that is likely correlated with the sought after output.

Strategy Development

  • Product pricing
  • Product Adoption and Discontinuation
  • Stock levels
  • Keyword relevance research
  • Investment
  • E-glocalising

We follow a unique data driven approach to address the various challenges of e- commerce. Common ones are product pricing, advertisement campaigns and pricing, product adoption and discontinuation, stock levels, keyword relevance research and investment.

We perform product research and use statistics to predict what products sell and at what price points. We analyse product pricing points to arrive at the ‘sweet pricing’ for the client’s product types and place them competitively. We use a very wide range of data sources to assimilate and collate various data points at varying levels and steps. The different data sources are available in a number of forms and require varying level of effort to integrate, such as:

In order to arrive at the most appropriate product pricing we analyze a very large base of competitors and their offerings. We scan through various price comparison websites that may sell datasets stored as files or via API access. Alternatively we use crawling services and/or programs that regularly retrieve data for analysis.

Process Automation

  • Product listing
  • Inventory management
  • Warehousing
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM )
  • Data analytics

We strongly believe that foundation of an ecommerce retail model is technology. We reject the notion that sellers should have to settle for overpriced tools, outdated technologies, unintuitive design, and lackluster performance. We aim to provide our client’s with a fundamentally new way to synchronize their business in a way they might not have even thought was possible.

With a constant focus on reliability, performance and ease of use we aim at providing our clients with the most intelligent and intuitive tools to manage their e- commerce business. We completely automate each and every process mandated for their e-commerce business such as product listing, inventory management, warehousing, CRM and data analytics.

Marketing & Sales

  • Brand positioing
  • Product segregation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media/ Managing Blogs/PR
  • Website Copy
  • Copy Writing

Our unique performance driven approach enables us to differentiate ourselves from others. We handpick our business partners and select products in a way that maintains brand integrity through quality, service and responsiveness in the sales channel. We take substantive steps and implement tangible strategies directed towards increasing sales of our client’s businesses. Our understanding of the domain combined with streamlined operations that are geared to selling on global marketplaces enables us to scale up quickly.

We collect data pertaining to various advertisement campaigns through APIs from the providers (and then store in text files or databases).

At KreateKonnect we understand that people are complex and often mysterious. But we know that people love to buy. We thus try and gauge customer sentiments which are often only available anecdotally. We try to capture this in statistically relevant data sets from social media. The data is collected raw, e.g. Tweets, via APIs and then processed and stored.

We re-invent, bundle and promote products based on the target market and not based on the originating market, hence they become more probable to selling.

Our approach enables us to offer insights that complement great product design, effective marketing, and proper brand positioning. We emphasize the exclusivity of the products and demonstrate the hidden value in them.

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